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Some years ago a good friend and I traveled to Tucson to my daughters home where the next day she would be driving us to a extended girls weekend in Mexico. In her fruit bowl on the kitchen counter I found a book on juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I could not put that book down and to this day I am very protective of it. I discovered such valuable information on the incredible benefits of juicing and how raw food can heal ailments, and nourish each and every cell of our bodies. I read it inside and out, out loud, and over and over on the trip into Mexico.

After returning back to Tucson, I was so excited to get a juicer as well as my friend. (My daughter already had one). So at the dinner table that night my daughter blurted out “Mom you should start your own juicing business”. And there you have it! That is how Pura Vida Juice was born.

So, I chose to do delivery because all of hard working folks who don't have enough time in their busy schedules to take the time to juice, or even purchase one, will have that available to them.

I am a transplant from Southern California, moving to Idaho in 1978. I plant a vegetable garden every year, love to hike the wonderful trails the Boise foothills have to offer and bicycling. I am a “preacher” of sorts as I am always absorbing and learning information that can enhance ones' health without the need for pharmaceuticals. I look forward to delivering to you a fresh healthy organic juice that will make your body go “Hmmmm.”

So, whether you just want to try one juice a day or do a juice cleanse I can provide that to you. Cheers!

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